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The 28th Alaska State Legislature  
Sponsor Statement: House Bill 19

Permanent Mot. Veh. Registration/Trailers

Passed Legislature! Await Transmit To Governor
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Ak Legislative Majority

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Ak Majority Organization

An Act relating to permanent motor vehicle registration in the unorganized borough and in a municipality that has elected to allow permanent registration; relating to the registration fee for noncommercial trailers and to the motor vehicle tax for trailers; and providing for an effective date.

Posted: January 21, 2013 : v28-LS0130-A
Bill Version: CSHB 19(RLS)(EFD AM)
Status: Await Transmit To Gov : 2014-04-22
Contact: Darrell Breese, 465-4958

The passage of House Bill 19 would establish a new type of registration available through the Division of Motor Vehicles, allowing for the permanent registration of personal-use motor vehicles older than eight years old and non-commercial trailers.

The proposed change to state statutes calls for the addition of a one-time $25 fee plus the regular registration fee for an eligible vehicle, to register vehicles for personal use as long as the registered owner continues to own the vehicle. It also allows for the continuation of the regular biennial registration, already existing in the statutes.

Similar changes are made in statutes for non-commercial trailers. Owners will be able to obtain permanent registration for an additional fee of $25 above the normal registration fee. Permanent registration is in effect until ownership of the trailer changes. It also allows for the continuation of the regular biennial registration, already existing in the statutes.

This change will make the DMV re-registration process more user-friendly to the owners of qualifying vehicles and trailers, while lightening the work load for DMV by reducing the number of registrations processed.

Permanent registration will result in a cost savings for Alaskans.

I appreciate your support in this important legislation.

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