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House Majority Guiding Principles


These are the principles by which the members of the House Majority Caucus have determined they'll follow during the 29th Alaska Legislature to address the many issues and challenges facing Alaska.

This roadmap is a reflection of our Caucus' commitment to action. We've learned from each other and have come to understand the over-arching goals we all want to work toward. Alaskans have spoken through the last election that they agree with the progress we made in the prior Legislature; but we still have work to do: putting more oil in the pipeline, and stopping budget growth to name big ones. We're going to repay their trust with more focus on the core values within our new Caucus.
~ Speaker of the House Mike Chenault

We have a large and diverse majority caucus with our resolve echoed in these guiding principles. I'm excited to have so many bright, energetic members ready to move Alaska forward.
~House Majority Leader Lance Pruitt

With this effort, we're setting ourselves on the path to success. I look forward to the healthy discussions over the next two years.
~ House Rules Chair Craig Johnson

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