AK House Majority
The 29th Alaska State Legislature  
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House Resources Committee

Co-Chair, Representative
Benjamin Nageak
Co-Chair, Representative
David Talerico
Rep. Benjamin Nageak 40-D
Ak House Majority

Co-Chair, Rep. Benjamin Nageak (D-40)

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Rep. David Talerico 6-R
Ak House Majority

Co-Chair, Rep. David Talerico (R-6)

State Capitol, Room 124
Meets: Mon, Wed & Fri, 1:00 pm
Rep. Nageak Phone: 907-465-3473
Rep. Talerico Phone: 907-465-4527


No Staff At this time

Committee Members

Meets 1:00 pm
Mon, Wed & Fri
Room 124
Rep. Mike Hawker, Vice-Chair